January 3, 2015

Intersecting brains

Some of you may know that I have two blogs, a writer's blog that appears here on my website and a religion blog, The Wayward Deacon, that appears, um, elsewhere.  They sort of mirror the two sides of my life, writer and clergy vacillating religious person in serious need of a path. They both, however inhabit my left brain which can cause a situation not unlike the BQE at rush hour.

Most of the time these two things compete for my time, they very rarely integrate with each other.  Oh well, maybe there is a spiritual component or hidden message in my novels, but the whole thing came to a head in The Shepherd's Image wherein I wrote about the journey of an Episcopal Bishop.

So now I am engaged in not writing three or four novels and one novella at once and getting absolutely nothing done and agonizing, in only the way a writer can, about why I can't get anything done, and wishing I could get something done, and reaching for the bag of Doritos to forestall getting anything done.

I have done some careful analysis, the bulk of which was accomplished between 3AM and 4AM one night, and realized that my own peculiar religious bugaboos (hey spell check really likes that word!) were getting in the way of my writing what I refer to as Second Adelaide.  So I've laid the Turner City debacle to one side in favor of the convoluted life of Helena and Kate and shall endeavor to finish their story shortly. 

Stay tuned for other updates or whining.  Whichever happens first.

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