November 15, 2014

In my own sweet time

I haven't written here in awhile because I have had nothing to announce.

I still haven't.

Part of a writer's "job" if you will, is to read.  Strangely enough, even though I write fiction I read much more non-fiction.  The reason?  Well, I think it is because while fiction reveals someone's idea of human nature through the character's the writer creates, non-fiction, especially spiritual writing, reveals a generalized view of human nature that can be crafted by the reader either into their own personas or those of their characters.

Lately I've read a lot of works on reconciliation and eldering. 

To a certain extent my books are all about reconciliation and forgiveness so it follows that this reading of reconciliation texts is my way of building a mental library from which to draw as I write.

In some ways that is beneficial.  In that it takes time away from my writing it is not. 

And so, my reader friends, you will just have to wait until I am through with my library-building before I can produce my next novel.  When I write I am a quick writer.  But writing requires that I have my library build before I can put pen to paper.

I home you can understand.

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