April 10, 2014


I'm wondering when my energy will come back.  I was sick last weekend from one of those 24 hour thingies that leave you slumped in your chair like a wet dishrag.  Only I'm still a dishrag 5 days later.

What, you say, has that to do with writing?  Can't writers write sitting down?  Even reclining? 

Well, no, actually.

Writing takes a lot of energy.  Yeah, I know, I'm not digging ditches.  But if I am to get things right, if there is to be color in my writing and energy in my verbs, I have to have the energy I impart.

I tried a walk.  No good.  I stumbled back to my (imaginary) fainting couch 15 minutes later ready for a nap.

I tried blogging on my other blog but it is a spirituality blog and it just calmed me down even further.

My next plan is to eat a huge meal and go to sleep.

Do you have a better suggestion?

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