April 8, 2014

Being everything

I am absolutely the worst person to ask about commas.  I just don't do them.  Or I do too many of them.  I need a store COMMAS ARE US that I can go to every time I need to punctuate a sentence.  I also don't know how to punctuate a quotation.  Do I insert a period?  Do I place a comma? Pffft.

That's what editors are for.  Yeah.  After I write something I go back and make sure it actually does make sense and then it is up to the editor to help the punctuation make sense.

I used to own Morgan Horses.  The Morgan breed is very versatile and some compete in western classes, some in English "saddle seat" classes, some as hunters over fences and some in dressage or competitive driving.  Some are their owner's pride and joy just enjoying their company on the trail.  Notice the word "some."  When a novice horse owner sees the word Morgan they sometimes feel that versatile should mean that one horse can do all of the above.  Most individuals can't.  They will be good in one discipline and just mediocre in the rest, or, heaven forfend, they will be mediocre in all disciplines because they are confused about what they really are supposed to be doing.

I use these things, writers and Morgans, as a sort of follow-up to my post of a few days ago on focus. 

If you are trying to be all things it, in most cases, doesn't work.  Pick something.  If writing is your thing, leave the editing to the editor.  If western riding is your horse's thing, slap on that western saddle and silver and bridle and go to it.  Pare down those things that you do that you are better off leaving to those who are most suited.  Concentrate on that in which you may excel and then go to it!

(And yes, that is me on my beloved Triton Fairfield.)

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