March 25, 2014

The Elevator Pitch

Haven't heard of it? Well, when you are stuck in the elevator with the biggest agent in the world you have just a minute or two to pitch your book to her. That's when you need an elevator pitch.

There are various opinions about how many words it should be or how long you should go on, but the whole idea is to grab the agent's interest so that she will run out of the elevator screaming at the top of the lungs "I've just found the next Gone With the Wind."  Or something to that effect.

I've written (and rewritten) many elevator pitches.  I've extended them so they fit on the back of a book (it's supposed to make the reader in the bookstore or online reach for their wallet).  You can't use the first thing you get down on paper but refine it over and over.  You throw the garbage can at it and then you pare it down to something spare and catchy.

Today, over on my Wayward Deacon blog, there is a pitch for the Episcopal Church.  Does it make you want to try it?  How would you rewrite my pitch?

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