March 29, 2014


There's something to be said for ruminating.  Just sittin' and thinkin' .  I actually do most of mine in the car but there are those few minutes, right before I go to sleep, when my characters come to life and I let them.

Most of us have something planned that occupies every minute of the day.  If you have to work in an office for a living most likely your boss has something planned for you.

I am so tremendously lucky.  I took an early retirement when I was 52 and I have been largely able to do what I wanted since then.  Oh, I haven't been without work, it's just that those 28 years I spent working for "the man" enabled me to live, if not comfortably, with a pension that has gotten me through to where I am now. 

I work at what I feel I want or need to do.  That leaves me free to ruminate and ruminating is the basis for my books. 

It's also the basis for something else.  My sanity.

I've always been a dreamer.  In school my teachers were always calling me out for daydreaming.  If they asked me a question there was no answer because 90% of the time I hadn't heard it.

When I was 14 I started writing my daydreams down and it turned into a two foot thick pile of paper that was the most godawful novel you would ever want to read, peppered with WWII and Hollywood references and based on my love for a certain dead actor.

It got better.   I now have the time to turn my ruminations into novels.  I don't sell many but that isn't the point.  I am practicing.  Practice makes perfect.  Someday my ruminations will turn into something wonderful.  And that's all one can hope.

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