July 30, 2018

"Oh no. Something went wrong."

Everytime I click from my Pinterest page to get here I get this message that says: "Oh no.  Something went wrong."  I answer (with a bit of peavedness in my voice) "You bet it did."  And then Foxfire sends me to the right page.

The first thing that went wrong was that I haven't posted here since last year.

The second thing that went wrong is that I stopped writing my books.  Oh yes, I have been promising to get to the next one for quite awhile but nothing but a few little edits has come of it.

The third thing that went wrong was...oh well...just more excuses for not writing.

This time, however, I do promise that I will write, both on my book and here.  I will. Really.  "Oh no.  Something went wrong."  Perhaps Foxfire will write my book for me.

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