August 12, 2017

Sweet and Swift and Summery

So my monthly book choice for August (where, you say, are May, June, and July - pfft) is a 2 hour or less read called Lost Cat: A True Story of Love, Desperation, and GPS Technology by Caroline Paul.

This is an awfully sweet little book with wonderful illustrations by Caroline's partner (who doesn't necessarily like cats).  It tells of Caroline's journey (obsession?) with her cats Fibula and Tibia.  Ahem.

If I take too long to describe it I will have expended all the time it takes to read it, although savoring it is a different matter.  Just read and enjoy it as a light Summer breeze emanates from between it's covers.  (If you need a review:  From the jacket by Maira Kalman: "The writing and drawings are funny. Nutty.  Heartwarming.  Smart. Loopy.  Full of Love.")

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