January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

I know it will not be happy for everyone.  There will be challenges, discovery, disappointment and despair as well as joy and forgiveness.  But that is what every year is, isn't it?

I woke up this morning singing five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes from "Rent."  I knew right away I wasn't singing about last year as there were an extra 1440 minutes last year.  I knew I was thinking about the future.

I walked long and hard in the mild day and ended up finding a shiny penny, heads up.

I have never been sure if omens are real or just the things we use to prop ourselves up but since there is no harm in this omen I will accept it gratefully and try to place everything in perspective as it happens. 

I have chosen a motto for the year. 

It is one I will continually test and wonder if the philosophy of it will stick.

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