July 31, 2014

99 Cents

I have listened carefully lately to the publishers and authors who are crying that Amazon wants to price their ebooks too low.  In fact, just a few days ago I went against my good judgment and actually bought an ebook for $8+.  I really wanted the book and it didn't disappoint, but the price nearly killed me and I vowed not to do this again for awhile.

But, as usual, I am rambling and not getting to the point.  I am a self-published author (full disclosure I use Amazon's CreateSpace to get my books to market).  I make NO MONEY on my books because I am an introvert and I suck at marketing.  BUT.  I think that 35 cents to me from the 99 cent price per book on Amazon is quite a fair return.  I could price my books higher and get a higher per book return but this 35 cents is just fine.  I'm not greedy.

For those authors who feel like they should be getting more I would suggest, especially if they already have a platform, self-publishing is far less punishing than whining about Amazon when it is your publisher (and perhaps your agent who negotiated your contract) who is the culprit.  Two many layers make for two many hands in your pocket.  Go indie.

As for us lowly, low list indies, I'm content to build my platform one 99 cent book at a time.  Hey, 35 cents is one third of a Diet Coke.

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