March 15, 2014

Now that everything is calm and serene again...


Why is it that I get my shorts in such a wad over technology?  I've been a techie since I first worked for AT&T back in the stone tablet age.  I worked on one of my first books on a dual floppy Kaypro IV.  I installed email for the mucky mucks in Service Costs and Rates at good old Ma Bell in 1984.  But there is still that lingering thought that all might be lost.

As an indie writer I depend on technology.  Technology to pour my books into a readable format.  Technology to communicate with my indie-enabling companies (yes I do love CreateSpace). Technology to get my name out there so maybe I get a few sales each week.

Someone asked me if I would still be writing if I had to depend on the traditional publishing route and if no one would publish me.  The answer is yes and no.  I write mainly because I have to shut up those voices in my head but traditional publishers are becoming thin on the ground and are getting highly selective about whom they publish.  If you haven't had a best seller there is less and less chance that they will publish you and of course...if you can't get published you aren't going to be a best selling author except by fluke.  Yes I would write.  No I wouldn't publish.

So I will continue my love/hate relationship with technology because it enables me to write, publish, have creative control and, for just a moment, smile when someone discovers my writing and is kind enough to publish a good review somewhere.  Isn't that what it is all about?

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