March 10, 2014

Half done...

I'm actually more than half finished changing my website.  While GoDaddy has been good to me as a hosting service I find that maintaining my blog here in Blogger and maintaining my site over on GoDaddy has been a bit time consuming.  When I found out that you can now have "pages" in Blogger I immediately skipped over here.  Besides, it is free and the interface is much simpler that the one I had been using.

So much for geek speak.  In the next few days I hope to point my www.christinawible.com over here and there will be no more bouncing around.

Being a writer doesn't mean just sitting and thinking up nice stories and writing them down.  Being an indie writer means you turn into a geek, or perhaps even a worse geek than you already were!

So hopefully by next weekend I will be back to creating away on Remarkable Likeness. 

In the meantime know that the Kindle price on my three books already published is still only $.99 each.  If you haven't read them yet be my guest at the reduced price and don't forget to review them on Amazon.com

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