May 9, 2012

Being tossed in rough seas

As I previously mentioned, I write when my characters "speak" to me.  Adelaide (she of The Shepherd's Image) has been talking alot lately and, for awhile I felt that there would be two more books out of her.  Then the other day I got completely fed up with her and decided to work on something else.

Ha.  You know what happens when you start planning something and you are a creative. 

I discovered (after I had plotted in my head a completely different book not starring miss talkie) that what Adelaide has been doing is talking herself out of doing the hard work of reimagining the church.  It's happening in the greater church right now and she was trying not to join into that conversation. 

Well guess what, Miss Adelaide, you're going to have to start thinking outside the box.  You will have to become the church to find out what to do to fix it.  So there.  Get to work.

Questions:  Am I talking to myself?  Should I see a shrink?

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