April 3, 2012

Buying vs BUYING on Amazon

If you haven't explored the intracacies of Amazon.com some of you may not realize that when you purchase a book through the NEW/USED other sellers portion of the listing for the book on Amazon it is the same as purchasing through a used book store.  Not bad when you see some of the prices that are offered but from the rarified perch of an author, not so good. 
You see, an author gets nothing* when you buy those used books.  This might not be a problem for JK or John G or Stephen K. but it is a definite problem for authors who can count their monthly sales on their fingers and toes.
Several friends of mine have emailed me "I just bought your book on Amazon."  I look at my stats.  Nothing.  They may have bought my book but I'll never see the revenue.

*So I have learned to be crafty.  I am not only a primary author on Amazon, I am a secondary seller.  When you see the cheapest price for my book on Amazon from a NEW/USED seller that seller is probably me.  As yesterday's post warned.  Watch it.  I may deliver it to your doorstep.

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