November 30, 2011

A day in the writing life…

Woke up wondering if the glitch in the website had fixed itself. 
Spent 20 minutes avoiding the glitch by 1) calling Allstate and 2) Checking to see if a shipment of books had been delivered to upstate NY.

Checked the website.  The glitch was still there.
Tinkered with the short story for the contest to win two tickets to Seminar.  Decided it needed to ferment more.

Hardware diagnostics running on PC…PC has slowed to a crawl.
Read a review of Ian Bostritch at Carnegie Hall while waiting for IE to close.

Decided to pack it in while hardware diagnostics were still running and went to breakfast.
Checked email.  The class proposal I submitted to RVCC has been approved!  I can now do about 100 hours of developmental work for around $.50 an hour only to be tortured by students in March and April.

Added course to my to-do list.
Locked in mortgage refi rate by talking to a guy on the phone who either 1) is attending law school 2) afraid to stop talking.  45 minutes out of my life.  Found the best way to stop him talking was to whistle at him.

Spent 20 minutes trying to decide whether to go ahead and work on Remarkable Likeness or drag myself back into Loft.  Compromised by coming up with a totally different novel.
Spent 15 minutes looking for my idea book so I could write down the idea for the above.

Couldn’t find the idea book.  Wrote it in a word document that I know I will lose in the PC.
Almost lunch time. 

Decided to fix website. Didn’t.
Called new doc for appointment.  Spent 10 minutes giving info to scheduler.   She says I’ll have to fill out a form when I get there with that info.  So why did she ask for it over the phone?

Papers came in from refi blabbermouth.  Signed, scanned and returned.  Quickest chore of the day so far.
Decided to check sales.  Wrong.  Disappointed.  Back to writing.  But is it worth it?  Stop being existential and write.

Back to the prize-winning story.  Still stinks.
Lunch with my old friend.

40 minute post-lunch private melt-down

Cleaned writing desk

Decided to recycle
       or clean the bedroom
                      or clean the bathroom

Long self-lecture about pencil-sharpening and its effects on writer output.


Found the idea book while shelving another book.  Now I can’t remember the idea.

Fixed the science experiment in the kitchen sink.

Made a Dr’s appointment.

Made an appointment to bring my car in for service.

Remembered the idea and wrote it in the book.  Filed the book very close to my favorite chair.  Hope I remember where I put it.

Wrote on Remarkable Likeness for 10 minutes.

Phone rang.  Old college friend.  Talked for an hour.


Back to thinking about website.  Got into Website Tonight.  Found I could fix the glitch in about 3 and a half seconds.  Fixed the glitch.

Checked Amazon.  Book reviews for In Season and Shepherd’s way by C. Nisaragi are both appearing twice thus distorting my review stats.

Decided to bag it.

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