October 21, 2011

Put in Your Two Cents

Okay.  So I’ve lapsed back into the publicity world.  One of the things that readers may not know about books in the ever evolving world of publishing is that books live or die on their reviews, and reviews are no longer solely the purview of the New York Review of Books and The New York Times.  In the world of internet publishing, every single reviewer can have an effect on how a novel sells.
When Jeff Bezos first decided that customers, any customers, would be allowed to review product (negatively and positively) on the Amazon site, detractors said that it would have a generally negative effect on sales, but Bezos defended the decision (correctly) by saying that the purpose of a review is to help customers make the best product choice. As far as I am concerned he was spot on.

If I don’t create a quality product, I deserve what I get.  If I make your socks go up and down, tell other people so that they may enjoy my book too.  Don’t be shy.  Go to Amazon.com or Goodreads and put in your two cents!

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