September 24, 2010

Taking dictation can be difficult

Have I ever been this involved with a character?  I think not.  This is twice in the past two weeks that I have written about Adelaide though sobs and tears.  Everything that is happening to her seems to happen to me.  Though I have experienced some of those things in my life I seem to be re-living them all through Adelaide.

When I started this book (working title: The Bishop of Who, that has to change) I had an inkling that I was doing it as a spiritual exercise.  Something to exorcise some of the spiritual demons that have been chasing me around for awhile.  Little did I understand that Adelaide would help me examine my whole life.

She goes where she wants with her story.  Yesterday I reread a description I wrote of the book before I started.  Though the premise remains the same, I wonder that I was so sure what would happen in the story line.  Everything changes.  I guess I have to resolve myself to that with my particular writing style but sometimes its really hard.

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