August 6, 2010

I guess it has to find it's own way...

I just heard from Alexa who has been giving a preliminary read to my latest novel, In SeasonWriting this time I deliberately set about writing a romance novel thinking that would be easiest to sell in the current market. 

I am, however, a writer who must write what is told to her by her characters.  I worked hard to fit this story into a genre that I don't particularly like, figuring it was all in aid of commercial viability.  Well, you might be able to lie to yourself but your characters will get you in the end.

Lexa:  "In Season has a great premise, a good set-up, and strong characters. FE is dynamic, interesting, a little unusual, and has a fascinating personal history. The dynamic between she and Amanda is good, and her relationship with Brady is compelling.

However... it's not a romance novel."
I respect Lexa.  She saw right through the little game I was playing and also saw that it didn't work.
I write women's fiction.  I just have to accept that and try to sell it.  

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  1. It's a VERY marketable book!

    And I wouldn't just say that.