July 25, 2010

Why we have editors

This morning, searching for reviews of South Pacific, I found this little gem:

"the only real problem with the show after polo Shzot left the man who replaced him was not as good. I was highly fortunate to see both Polo Szot play the role of Emeil in the revival and Brian Stokes Mitchell in the concert vershin(had to sleep outside to get tickets to both). The new Emeil is no where evan close to the league of Szot or Stokes Mitchell. he was passable but certainly far from the best option. after seeing the show a second time it donned on me why they had som uch publistiy (commercials, discounts) was not blamed on the receshion but on the new Emeil. before pollo left the show they were putting 100% in the seats but now they hover around 85-90% and not to mention the fact that they used to run strictly on word of mouth and now they have commercials (featuring Szot) running everywhere. my advise to the producers if they wont to put more people in the seats and take off all the discounts and commercials and have the show running on word of mouth put Brian Stokes Mitchel or someone of that caliber on the stage (it might be pricey but it would pay off handsomely)"

Nuff sed.

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