May 26, 2010


I guess because most of my life I worked for the same company I never saw the value of networking.  Now, suddenly, I'm trying to sell books and it is all in the network.  Some of the results:  a friend offering to show my next book to her agent, a bookstore in Washington listing my book on the strength of a purchased commercial review, getting networked to Indie bookstores because I publicized my signing at the bookstore in Clinton.  

The world gets smaller as you network.

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  1. Network on facebook! "In Between Goodbyes" should have its own page. I started a page for my new editing business and it had over 200 views and 40 fans in one week- and I only posted one thing on it so far!

    It's free, and any of your friends who become fans will end up advertising it to all of their friends. Also, you can link your page to other pages (i.e. The Clinton Bookshop or *hint hint* Loose Leaf Editing.)

    It's an excellent use of the site.