February 18, 2010

Okay, so now you're part of an experiment

As all three of my readers know, this blog is sort of an experiment. I have posts on what it is to do signings, ego trips with rave reviews and some philosophy about singular writing.

As you may also know, I'm something of an eternal student so I'm now taking a course on blogging. You may see changes in the coming weeks or not. I hope to be posting more often.

If you want to know how I'm doing on the upcoming books...

They all have titles. The book formerly known as Loft is now Factory and Loft. No, that's not a combined title. Loft was turning into Gone With the Wind so it is now two books, one titled Factory and the other titled Loft. The Romance calls itself In Season. Okay. So its about horse breeding if you get the title. The tiny jewel that I'm thinking is going to be a novella is Two Rooms. It sits in my computer little changed from its early days, oh some 20 years ago. Perhaps some day.

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  1. Great titles! I can't wait to read them...I love the look of this blog, too.