August 7, 2009

Life Interferes

It's been a long time no post. Well, life seems to interfere with everything. The day I made my last post I got violently ill and I have barely made it to work and back (and to the various doctors and back) since but I have been exploring none the less, since then.

IBG remains on the bottom of the Amazon.com sales list with about one sale per three months. Ho hum.

I did experiment with a Facebook Ad. They were fairly easy to navigate, gave me 132,000 impressions for $50 of which there were 111 clicks of which there were 0 sales. As I said, it was an experiment.

The two things that self-publishing this book has done for me:

I now call myself a writer. It has finally clicked.

I'm not afraid of trying new things publishing-wise.

In the middle of this post (you always knew I was ADD) I signed up for a new marketing service recommended by someone I ran into whilst observing last Sunday's flood in Clinton (Hi Sally!) and will be trying it out as soon as they find my book. Hmmm. Is it really that obscure?

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