Future Books

Note: Appearance here doesn't mean a book is imminent but just that I've started it. 

Remarkable Likeness

In the post WWII chaos of Germany one dark-haired girl desires vengeance and the other desires a friendship.  In the pursuit of their goals they will intertwine their own fates.


A loft in New York, a history of death, a resurrection by an outsider.  Jess has lived all her life in the confines of Manhattan Island.  Now, in her sixties, she is suddenly changed by a shy young outsider who, as she heals him through her teaching, challenges her to look at her life and cross the bridges away from her island.

The Shepherd's Gift

A follow-up to The Shepherd's Image wherein Adelaide has to face the reality of being a mainline bishop.

Two Rooms  (A novella)

London.  A young woman trying to figure out where to go in life.  A young man who knows all too well where he is in life.  A short encounter in the 1970s, letters and a return in the 1990s.  Love?  Missed chances.  Different lives.