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The Shepherd’s Image

When Wall Street takeover star Adelaide Wasserstein wanted something more in her life than just numbers, she took her father’s sage advice and went looking for a hobby. What she found was an art teacher who kindled in her an interest in the mystery of religious experience in a way that her classical upbringing in languages, in theology and in economics had never done. Entranced, she followed the artist through the doors of the Episcopal Church and into the spiritual life she hadn’t known she needed.

In Season

Horse breeding just ain’t what it used to be. There’s always been ornery mares, ornery customers and, well, stallions. But FE Booker has sworn off the human counterparts of the latter and is the epitome of the modern independent business woman. Until, that is, it all falls apart. Tack thieves, horse thieves and heart thieves all raise their heads at once and it appears that she has to build even higher the walls she has constructed around herself all her life. It takes a forced hiatus from her work for her to discover that all along she’s gotten by with a little help from friends old and new, and that if she just lets go a little she can find happiness in the arms of the person she most resists.

In Between Goodbyes

Hope Moran had fashioned for herself a life of safety: love without commitment, caring without intimacy, compassion without investment. As a priest, she ministered to the masses and gave time and effort to the homeless. As a dresser on Broadway, she ministered to her charges, stage stars in need of a steady, guiding hand. Always tending the needy, and always at arm's length. Until Ian, a broken actor more deeply troubled than she could have imagined slipped into her life and crossed the forbidden boundary into her heart. At the wrong time in his life. At the right time in hers.

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