October 24, 2017

What I'm reading (2)

I've been obsessed with the Shetland series on Netflix lately so I decided to read a bit of Scottish mystery.  Unfortunately my library only carried one volume of Ann Cleaves mysteries so I have to wait for the rest.  While I was grumbling and prowling the aisles I came across Peter May's Lewis Trilogy.

If you are ready for the raw openness of the Shetland Islands and for the page turning type of mystery that leaves you wishing at two in the morning that you had gotten the next one in the series out of the library so that you could start it right away these three are for you.

Like so many of the British detective series these days, these three follow a broken detective as he tries to work his way through murders old and new in his home territory.

They are really worth the read and the caffeine needed to stay up to three in the morning reading!

Peter May author of the Lewis Trilogy

What I'm reading (1)

I tend to read fiction in spurts.  For the last three weeks I've read four novels, three old and one relatively new.  I'll start with the new one,  My Sister's Bones by Nuala Ellwood.

This is a wonderful, modern psychological thriller.  It is an essential read for those who want to understand those war correspondents who go time and time again into the fray in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan and then come home in shreds sharing the PTSD that the soldiers who serve there also carry.  It also is a cautionary tale about family dynamics.

I highly recommend it.  It is at once hard and beautiful and haunting.