June 29, 2014

Just Sayin...

Really great  blog about Writer's Block.   I DON'T HAVE WRITER'S BLOCK.  Just sayin.

June 24, 2014

Taking back my words

In short...one of the things I like best about writing is when I write something, and the words come out of the character's mouth just WRONG, I can take them back.

June 3, 2014

Writer's Excuse Bingo

I just found this great Bingo card at Writer's Excuse Bingo.  This is definitely me.  Is it you?

Broken storyInspiration issuesNot good enoughGot no time Oh, well, because...
My character just did something out of character, and I don't know why.I need to complete {inspiration self-help program} before I can get unblocked.I'm too {old, young, poor, rich, happy, sad, other adjective} to write.I can't write unless it's NaNo month.I can’t let anyone look at what I write because they might attack my precious baby story!
My plot is contrived.I have writer’s block.Four hundred people have already published my brilliant idea, so why bother?I can’t make it to my favorite place to write until tomorrow, so I can’t write today.Writing a good story shouldn't take so much work.
Help! I'm infodumping backstory again!My ideas are stuck in my head, and can't get out.I WROTE SOMETHING!I can’t write until after I have done {activity}.I have to plot out my entire 20 book series before I can start the first book.
Help! My characters are rebelling and won’t do what I want!I have so many ideas, I don't know what to write first.No one likes my ideas anyway.I can’t write because I’m too tired after spending all day doing {activity}.Writing is overrated. I'm going to get a book deal for this animated gif Tumblr I just set up.
Why do I have to know the rules? {Famous author} breaks them all anyway.I need a cup of coffee so I can think. Or three. Or a trip to {favorite coffee shop}.This plot sucks. I need to start over.I can't write now without a {computer, mobile device, pen and paper} handy!I’m still trying to get rich and famous from my last manuscript.