January 3, 2012

Beginning of the year CONTEST!

I have four books in the hopper right now, described below.  Being very ADD I have no idea which book to work on next, soooo I want you to choose.  No guarantees that what you choose will be the one I publish first on BUT the person who makes the most compelling case (yes I'm asking you to write) will win a signed copy of my book of their choice including their choice of a future book.....go to it and post your response here.

Loft is a women's novel, once more set in New York City. It is huge and getting bigger by the day. Right now it is being picked apart. It is waiting for the big breakthrough rather than the little bursts of independent ideas that have characterized its birthing. While my pitch for it isn't quite ready, I can tell you that it involves garment workers (alive and dead), factory owners, acting teachers who also write plays and opera singers who fall in love with writers.

Remarkable Likeness is the tale two women who meet just post WWII in Germany.  One is an English pianist and one a holocaust survivor who is also a pianist who has revenge on her mind.  Which one is which?

Adelaide II hasn't a name yet but you guessed it, its a continuation of The Shepherd's Image.  Church building or tearing down, Adelaide is faced with challenges every bishop sees in this day of fading mainstream denominations.  How will this unconventional bishop approach them?

Two Rooms  I think it wants to be a novella when it grows up. It is a different kind of love story. Perhaps it is a faith story. I think it wants to be a novella when it grows up.