April 16, 2011

The Blurt

I guess it’s called a lot of things: an elevator pitch, a sales pitch, a blurb, but I prefer a blurt. It is the very short paragraph that is intended to interest an agent or a publisher in your book either when you trap the target in an elevator, attend a Pitchapalooza or use it as the centerpiece of your query letter. So how do you describe it?

It’s harder to write to the book itself.

Its effectiveness is highly subjective. (One person’s blurt is another person’s blah?)

If at all possible an army should be enlisted to write it.

Just when you think it is perfect, it isn’t.

If the book isn’t being accepted by an agent or publisher you can blame it on the blurt and start over. Preferably after taking a stiff drink.

After awhile you will be able to recite it in your sleep. And probably will.

Once you’ve sold the book to a publisher they may or may not use it on the back cover.

Once you self-publish the book you will use it on the back cover because you will never, I repeat, never want to write another one for that same book.

Now you may think from all of this that I dislike writing a blurt. I don’t. I hate it.

April 6, 2011

...and you said you were doing what?

So why am I not blogging? I got chastised the other day by one of my friends because my blog and my website were so BORING. I agree. I completely agree. I have some excuses. Wanna here them? No of course you don't. But just so you get a blog entry here I go.

I have four novels and various promotional schemes floating around my skull. I have no room for a blog.

I also work to feed myself (you think my novels put donor on the table?).

It is Spring. (Alright that's a bit lame).

Whatever the excuse I frequently wonder if it is all worth it.
I write novels because I have to, even if they were never published my books would (and have) still come pouring out from somewhere within me. They have always taken precedence over everything else.

Now don't get upset. I still love you. All three of you. But the purpose of this blog at this moment in time is not to promote my one published novel but it is to tell it like it is about the writing life. Someday, when I am famous, this will be a promo blog. Right now it is just a stream of consciousness. And I'm a bit unconscious right now.