July 28, 2010

Ack! It only took an hour...

I just went back to the negative if I look at my writing balance sheet this year. I purchased and started to publish my web site. It only took about an hour to spend all my profits. Ah well, easy come easy go.

Don't look at it too hard, though. I'm just building it.

July 25, 2010

Why we have editors

This morning, searching for reviews of South Pacific, I found this little gem:

"the only real problem with the show after polo Shzot left the man who replaced him was not as good. I was highly fortunate to see both Polo Szot play the role of Emeil in the revival and Brian Stokes Mitchell in the concert vershin(had to sleep outside to get tickets to both). The new Emeil is no where evan close to the league of Szot or Stokes Mitchell. he was passable but certainly far from the best option. after seeing the show a second time it donned on me why they had som uch publistiy (commercials, discounts) was not blamed on the receshion but on the new Emeil. before pollo left the show they were putting 100% in the seats but now they hover around 85-90% and not to mention the fact that they used to run strictly on word of mouth and now they have commercials (featuring Szot) running everywhere. my advise to the producers if they wont to put more people in the seats and take off all the discounts and commercials and have the show running on word of mouth put Brian Stokes Mitchel or someone of that caliber on the stage (it might be pricey but it would pay off handsomely)"

Nuff sed.

July 20, 2010

Sometimes ya gotta show your face...

For those folks, you know who you are, who are not on FB...you wanted a pic from the signing.

July 18, 2010

Is she really as crazy as she seems?

Since I'm in the throes of finishing a book I seem not to be blog original these days and only able to post quotes but this one, from Sam Lipsyte is so attuned to the life of the writer that I couldn't resist:

"One of my big revelations," Lipsyte says, "was that nobody cares whether you write your novel or not.  They want you to be happy.  Your parents want you to have health insurance.  Your friends want you to be a good friend.  But everybody's thinking about their own problems and nobody wakes up in the morning thinking 'Boy, I sure hope Sam finishes that chapter and gets one step closer to his dream of being a working writer.' Nobody does that.  If you want to write, it has to come from you.  If you don't want to write, that's great.  Go do something else.  That was a very liberating moment for me"  (March/April 2010 Poets and Writers, pg 56).

Writing is a very lonely job.  You have to be willing to just forget about support and do it.  Once the meet and greets for the last book are done, you have to get right back to that big phosporescent eye that sits on your desk and go on to the next world you are about to create.  You have no mini-skirted cheerleaders yelling "Go Chrissie" in your ear.  Even your friends don't really understand that when you are talking to them your characters are wandering around in your head talking to you.  They think you a bit strange, but if you're lucky, they still have breakfast with you on Saturday morning.

All that said, you write because you have to, because the state of "not-writing" is worse hell than the state of writing.

I guess the answer to my question is yes.

July 5, 2010

Oddly silent.

There is one thing guaranteed to gum up a writer's works (excuse the pun).  A pinched nerve in the neck.  I can type looking at the screen just fine as long as I a) do a neck roll every 2.5 minutes  b) don't have to look down at the keys for any reason.  Of course my mind has taken the opportunity to spew ideas which I can only jot down on pieces of paper and hope I remember them when the spinal column decides to behave.  I'm almost wishing for writer's block.  Almost.