May 28, 2009

An Immodest Post

One of my friends asked me what people have thought of my book so far so I gathered these into an immodest post:

"I just wanted to email you and tell you that I LOVED the book In Between Goodbyes. I couldn't put it down and had read it by Tuesday. I saw you at the gathering in Qtown weekend before Easter. If you have some way to let me know when your next book comes out, please do." LJ.

"I really liked that sentence near the end of your book about love meaning paying attention. Works for kids, works for adults. If you didn't say anything else in your book, that alone would have been plenty." CHS.

"I kept meaning to write and tell you that I really enjoyed your book. I finished it in a weekend. Loved it!!!" KD

"This work, this book is wonderful. I am so impressed. The characters are richly portrayed, the story is so poignant. You did a beautiful, beautiful story. I’m now sharing it with family and friends." SD.

Luckily no one has yet told me it sucks and I do have friends that would tell me, believe me.

May 16, 2009


Since my last name starts with a W my book is on a bottom shelf in the new books and virtually inaccessible. Well, I fix that in my own sneaky way. Our local library has a shelf called "So New The Ink's Still Wet." I keep track of my book online and when it is in the library I go over there and move it from the stack to the Wet Ink shelf.

Just my own little rebellion.